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Default Re: UN Plaza: The Millennium Promise (Mark Leon Goldberg & John McArthur)

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
Ditto on the congrats to Mark. I'm happy to see UN Plaza back. I was getting worried there.

When you're covering the Millennium Promise, Preppy, I hope you'll also have a look at the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter.. We have an Earth Charter event every year in our community; it provides another way for ordinary folks to get involved in "building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century."
Thanks, Wonderment, that's a useful resource. I did actually get a note at some point about the EC-10 meetings in The Hague over the summer, but it didn't quite match up with stuff I needed to do post-Asia.

Note: I'm not writing about the Promise per se, but the MDG meetings, and hopefully gonna do some Q&A type reports on the personalities--governmental and non-governmental--who are there and the causes they are pushing. The Promise folks are one of many organizations hovering around this event with a set of projects that align with the official MDG agenda, most of whom are hoping to get attention and/or funding out of the week's events.
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