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Unhappy Re: UN Plaza: The Millennium Promise (Mark Leon Goldberg & John McArthur)

Two smart, well spoken people of good will. Thanks for a very nice discussion. But...well... deep breathe. I share leadership of a family of four. There's a 4 and a 6 year old and my wife who was layed off about a year ago. We're struggling. Lots of other people are struggling who, like us, are not used to struggling. We're the newly struggling. There are millions!

I love BH. It always revives my mind and usually my political spirit. But this Diavlog, for some reason, rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it was the day I had trying to install a mailbox post in front of our rented house, or maybe it was the harrowing talk I had with my wife, trying to figure out where our frighteningly brilliant four year old can go to a decent preschool that we can afford (all we want is for a school that reads a tiny bit of the literature about early childhood, or even one where somebody reads something.) (There's a crisis in early childhood education and beyond, by the way. A bona fide fucking crisis) And there's a depression happening right now -- in every respect that matters even if not in name.

The UN is not getting the job done. It's failing, it's diplomats are failing and the member countries are failing. Failure. And an augustly and ambitiously named Millennium Promise or meeting won't change that.

I think we need to get extremely serious. We need to apply all of ourselves to the terrifying endurance of Sarah Palin, the fact that there can be a continuing Glenn Beck, the hopelessly wasted shell that is Congress, Newt, feckless and compromised Barack, the end of representative democracy, the helplessness and depression of the American Electorate.

I know it's a killer, but I have 2 kids and I don't give a crap about malaria or education in Uganda or the Global Health Initiative. Our Union is not enduring, it's perishing. Really. What do you think it will look like just before America perishes? I think it'll look a lot like it does right now. Things are very bad. The way I figure, the best hope for Uganda is to make sure my kids can get a child-centered, values and ethics driven education, cause they have a reasonable shot at being world changers and not just surviving.

That is all, thank you.

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