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Default Re: Means and Ends (Joshua Cohen & Glenn Loury)

Originally Posted by sapeye View Post
I'm pretty concerned about a fairly wide variety of issues including the global warming, constraining the American empire and ending the killing of civilians, single payer healthcare reform that might actually work, financial regulation, the erosion of civil liberties, prosecution of war criminals in the previous administration and financial criminals on Wall Street, closing Guantanamo, campaign finance reform, etc. Obama has disappointed on all these issues, and I broke with him long ago.

This, of course, leaves me between a rock and a hard place in terms of who to vote for. If I vote again for Obama, I sign my name to his policies. If I write in a name, I'm essentially casting a vote for the Republicans. This seriously sucks since any of the potential Republican candidates will likely move things toward a disastrous outcome even faster than Obama is.
I agree with Twin that your approach is the reasonable one, and I get your frustration, but I still find it very irritating that Obama doesn't get any credit here for the ACA, for saving the auto industry, for keeping his campaign promise to pull out of Iraq, etc.
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