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Default Re: Lessons Learned: Decade of Fear (Michelle Shephard & Eli Lake)

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Bizarre. Shephard's argument is basically: if the Islamic Courts Union had been appeased, we would never have had the Shabab problem. They brought stability in the midst of corrupt warlords, she argued, so they are no Taliban. Sorry, but that was the Taliban's selling point.
That was one point in a brief description of an argument in her book. Anyway, it's not really just "her" argument. And I imagine she presented more than one side.

I haven't read Michelle's new book, but I have read her previous book, Guantanamo's Child, about Omar Khadr who has been at Gtmo since he was 15, and many news articles. In GC, she presents different opinions and the results of interviews with people with many perspectives, on Guantanamo and the period in Afghanistan between the Russian war and the early part of the present one, including the development of Al Qaeda, the men who collected around Bin Laden, and their wives and children. As was mentioned in the diavlog, she generally leaves readers to draw their own conclusions. But GC isn't just about issues and arguments. There are good stories.

I'm looking forward to Michelle's new book and appreciated this diavlog with Eli.
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