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Default Re: Double Couch Edition (Timothy Noah & Rich Lowry)

Good Lord - of course the country has a long-term deficit problem. Current debt was run up by a profligate gospel of "tax cuts uber alles" that began with Reagan, which ties the country's hands during a crisis, when more spending is absolutely necessary. This is elementary stuff, that's only ignored by idiot ideologues. As for as the future deficit issues are concerne, we have a long-term problem with inflationary health care spending, which will screw with our % of GDP spent on health care, whether it's provided by the more cost-effective government programs like Medicare and VHA, or the private markets that have driven most of the underlying problems. The government programs point toward better solutions than Ryan's folly - that's just a fact. Check with the CBO. Compare our health care inflation to France, for starters. You guys are living on Kool-Aid.

Total fools, steeped in arrogance and ignorance. As a so-called "conservtive" , look in the mirror for the source of our deficit problems and the continuing obliviousness to pragmatic, as opposed to faith-based solutions. You don't deserve to be taken seriously. At all. Get back to me with something based on evidence that raising marginal tax rates isn't (a) essential to cover the spending that the country has chosen as a matter of practical politics, and (b) that based on "historical norms" or even "theory" it kills job creation. The data just doesn't support that crap assertion.

Correction: I just realized that you originally stated that it was okay to let the Bush tax cuts expire, which means I'm piling on you when I'm really arguing with the kind of crank "wisdom" being peddled by Lowry, the entire GOP, etc. etc. Your assertion that spending be cut to 18% is still just a number pulled out of thin air, IMHO, but I'm unfairly pushing you into the "99% of alleged conservatives" cohort. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is indeed King. If I were voting in the GOP primaries, I'd write in "Sulla The Dictator" as a matter of conscience. Sorry for arguing past you and getting so sloppy...

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