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Default Re: Values Added: Southern Baptist Edition (Amy Sullivan & Richard Land)

"Finally a discussion on Christianity from a heavy weight and the real deal."

If Richard Land and the Southern Baptists are the "real deal" of Christianity, my neighbor's dog is God. The Southern Baptist Church was founded solely on the ratification of sin into a bogus theology. They've backtracked out of embarrassment on racial issues for a dozen or so years, but the SB's continue their practice of bigotry by focusing attacks on gay people. Land is a hack for the political Right. Also, the recently affirmed Southern Baptist doctrine of "biblical inerrancy" as dogma is a theological travesty. Beyond the scope of blog comments, but Land is not even close to a "heavyweight" - they don't get any lighter or more fabricated and phony. Here's some commentary on just how destructive and crackpot Land's faction is, even in context of the concerns of conservative Christians:
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