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Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
Been too long since we saw Daniel hereabouts. Looking forward to this one.
As I expected, there was much that Daniel brought to this discussion that encourages deep reflection. The only criticism I'd make, and it's a very mild one: I wish Rob had, if only for the sake of debate, argued a bit more. I think it's not too hard for a smart guy who's been paying attention to find all the faults with the Libyan intervention, and so it might have been instructive for the audience, and a good exercise for Rob, to have challenged Daniel a bit more vigorously, despite his evident agreement with most of what Daniel had to say. Daniel was, it has to be admitted, speaking from the luxurious position of hindsight, even if he's on record as opposing the intervention from the get-go.

As I say, a very mild criticism, and only of academic interest. As a diavlog judged against other other Bhtv diavlogs, this was A-level at least.

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