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Default Re: We got lasers

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
This is a less-crazy but still wrong version of Pinkerton's thought. It assumes that improvements in technology will only alter the balance of power to our benefit and that there won't be low-tech countermeasures to our fancy new toys. What if Bin Laden gets his hands on sophisticated biological weapons before we figure out that DNA-seeking laser? Take missile defense, for example. It's far easier to build decoy ballistic missiles than it is to build more interceptors for a ballistic missile defense system, so even a fairly small and poor country, like North Korea, has the capacity to overwhelm our incredibly expensive and politically damaging defenses.
Yeah, right. More stupid defeatist "America Looses" crap. We will always win with our superior technologhy!
"Nothing is always absolutely so." -- Theodore Sturgeon
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