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Default Re: The Week in Blog: Lightning Is Delicious (Bill Scher & Kristen Soltis)

Originally Posted by Sulla the Dictator View Post
Eh? Do you believe she didn't comfort the sick and dying, even? Tsk tsk.
She comforted the sick and dying. The argument goes that she also produced more sick and dying through her efforts. I have no idea how to make the calculus on that. How many sick and dying comforted make up for what number of sick or dying produced?

I have to admit I kind of have a negative ethics in general, as in, first do no harm, so I tend to weight harms more heavily than benefits. This also makes me less open to the notion of redemption than many on my side of the aisle- no matter how much good a murderer does, it doesn't "make up" for lives taken. The negative ethics approach also avoids the worst implications of utilitarianism, which I tend to favor.
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