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Default Re: The Week in Blog: Lightning Is Delicious (Bill Scher & Kristen Soltis)

Originally Posted by Sulla the Dictator View Post
Sorry, but considering how miserable life would be if it were dedicated to tending to the dying in the third world, it is a little undignified to question why the woman does it. There has rarely been a person as selfless as that woman.
well, by your lights she failed at the only human purpose, which is reproduction.

But this is an odd statement coming from you. usually it's the hippy left that thinks in terms of motives rather than outcomes. Did she actually help seems a legitimate question. Had she stayed home and self-flagellated while praying for the dying, she would also have had a miserable life and been "selfless". Would she have done more, less or the same amount of good for the poor?
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