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Default Re: Liberal and Rich (David Callahan & James Ledbetter)

Originally Posted by brucds View Post
Thanks for that introduction of anti-semitism onto Bloggingheads comments.

"the drift toward cultural Marxism" - nice Glenn Beck lunatic touch, you shameless, blithering asshole. The stark raving insane, Skousian-John Birch-TeaBagger Right is obviously lapping up the Steaming Pile chalk board talks that are currently purveyed via GOPer strategist Ailes' broadcast baby. Stuff that used to be confined to street-corner pamphleteers, relatively obscure websites and dusty books penned by nativist hysterics and closet fascists is now being reinforced by nightly television "news" and the aura of mass rallies. No doubt we'll be seeing even more of this crap here as well.

The sad thing is, this garbage is part, parcel and sub-text of the crap that characters like Operative have been serving up in their bizarre comments on a daily basis. Contemporary "conservatism" is a cesspool of stupidity and derangement ("Socialist" Obama's "extreme leftism", etc.) - and on a particularly bad day, out pops the overt racism, anti-semitism and tribal pathologies a la Beck and Limbaugh. It's sad. Edmund Burke, Adam Smith and Michael Oakeshott have been left in the dust, in favor of anti-intellectual, truth-challenged right-wing radicalism steeped in petty resentments and aggressive disinformation.

Addendum: Jesus Christ - that's all "badhatharry" has to say in response to that ? I was afraid I was being too harsh on the "regulars." Obviously not.
Someone needs their rabies shot.
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