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Default Re: Live from CPAC, It's the Week in Blog!

Before listening to this, let me say that I loved the visual of Bill the liberal with the Blue-collar working class shirt, and Conn with the White collar pro-business look. Obviously they could easily be reversed on any given day (though Scher tends to be pretty casual) and Conn's assignment has much to do with that as well, but it was still an interesting juxtaposition of fashion and ideology.

I must say that in general, I think Bill has gotten much better as a Bhead. At first, I thought he was somewhat dull (style-wise, not intelligence-wise), but he has had great insights the past few times I have watched, and is becoming a favorite. Conn, if I may agree with Bloggin', went from someone whose ideology wasn't apparent to me in the beginning, to a very partisan-sounding Republican. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it was very noticable since the Scher/Carroll diavlogues used to be some of the more ideologically ambiguous here on BHTV, but that can't be said nowadays. Maybe it's election fever. Still enjoy them though.
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