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Default Peace and stability

Originally Posted by voice_of_sanity View Post
Two points:

1. The case for US support to Egypt is very simple - if Egyptians choose to align their actions with US interests in the region they should get rewarded. If not then US support should stop. very simple.

2. The true meaning and importance of the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement (and overall relationship) was quite badly underestimated in this dialog. This agreement was the first sign of peace and stability between Israel and its Arab neighbors - a proof to most in Israel that perhaps they need not 'fight for their lives' for eternity. If this agreement fails the possibility for ANY future Israeli-Arab peace (or concessions to the Palestinians) would be minuscule.
The peace agreement means something as long as the Egyptian leadership can control and oppress it's people with help from Washington. Egyptian people never mandated the agreement.

I like how you define peace and stability...80 million Egyptians under brutal dictatorship.

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