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Default Re: World Historic Edition (Mark Schmitt & Daniel Foster)

Originally Posted by miceelf View Post
I explicitly stated that one could find examples of silliness from some people who supported Obama. The fact that you can find something I said you could find doesn't prove anything about what I was actually saying, which is the proportion of people who voted for Obama who had crazy ideas about him. You have provided 2 examples.
Except that you implied it was equal.

but I can find equally silly things said by supporters of ANY of the GOP candidates, from Bachmann to (blurg) Santorum.

It isn't equal.

Whether the idiots who come up to Michelle Bachmann (and, before her, Sarah Palin) and declare that God has ordained that she, like Ruth, will be the savior of her people
Is that an anecdotal story? Here's the problem; I didn't touch things that people said about Obama.

That's a journalist, talking with a prominent left wing talking head, not some person on the street. People on the street said crazier things than that.

What I posted were works of devotion by admirers for the President. Hours of labor, done earnestly to express their adoration to this person. No, that doesn't happen in our party. There is no cult of personality around Michelle Bachmann, I can assure you.

- whether those record their sillinesses in oils or watercolors is immaterial to their degree of silliness.
I said I could do this for a thousand years. You haven't shown an ability to do it once.

Anyone who isn't uncomfortable with that link.....

What you may possibly have demonstrated is that among people who produce mediocre art, one can find more examples of Obama supporters than of Bachmann supporters. (water) color me unimpressed.
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