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Default Re: World Historic Edition (Mark Schmitt & Daniel Foster)

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
Looking for a silver lining least the right, if we beat Obama, won't have to suffer from any disillusionment as the Obama crowd did. We are fully aware that all of our candidates are deeply flawed.
You're forgetting that the "Obama crowd" comprised only a portion of the dems. Most of the Clinton supporters were well aware that Obama had flaws. Indeed, a lot of people who supported Obama were also aware of his flaws. (I am NOT claiming you can't dig up something silly some Obama supporter somewhere said, but I can find equally silly things said by supporters of ANY of the GOP candidates, from Bachmann to (blurg) Santorum. The GOP as a whole may be aware that their candidates are flawed, but each of them has a set of hardcore supporters who don't see such flaws.
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