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Default Re: Bomb Iran? (Flynt Leverett & Reuel Gerecht)

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The key quotation is here:

"[Saddam] has unceasingly sought weapons of mass destruction, and will in all likelihood have a nuclear bomb within a few years."

Replace Saddam with Khamenei and nothings different. Indeed, it reads exactly as his Iran piece for the WS. Gerecht's crystal ball isn't just opacic. It's reflective.
Oh come on Mr. Sandwich...So you do not think Saddam "sought" WMDs? Or is it Gerecht's repeating the same quote heard uttered by Clinton, and democratic leaders around the same time, the thing that cuts your crusts? But I guess if simplistic parallels are all you got...

[added] and not to go Okeefe on you but I think the word you are searching for is opaque.

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