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Default Re: Worldwise: Elections in Egypt (Robert Wright & Shadi Hamid)

Originally Posted by tom View Post
Though Bob briefly mentioned the practical considerations behind the collective decision reached about the future of BhTV, I still don't understand the specific reasons for why a lack of funding should prevent most of the regular contributors from continuing to do exactly what they've done - without financial compensation - for some time now. Having been a huge fan of the site since about a month after the first diavlog went up, I'm curious to know more about it.
I suspect most viewers underestimate the amount of work required to check, edit, index, upload and archive even a well-recorded diavlog for web publication. It's not hard, but it's timeconsuming for the simple reason that it takes time to view any video. And BHTV can't afford to pay for the required the man-hours.
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