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Default Re: SOPA, Keystone XL and NDAA

Originally Posted by handle View Post
Unions are bankrupting America, haven't you heard? Destroyed Detroit, or so the story went. Till they recently reorganized, not the workers, but the management. Turns out the story was crap. Who knew? The workers, that's who.

Maybe I say die and the patient lives. I have that effect. Or maybe, like me they are getting tired of the frustration that is the new digs. What ever the reason, power to the posters!

Oh, i heard, and i saw! my friend went off to Harvard, i never saw him again. but the next year(1964), on campus, walter reuther's (AFL/CIO) daughter shows up in a limo, followed by one of the Firestone sons, in his limo, from the airport, where he had left his airplane. i was seeing the future!!

i show-up in the damnedest places, like a bad penny, and the beat goes on!

build the interest, and they will come!!!!! there is something off-putting about the new digs. this is a world of nations of sheep. become a bell-wether!!! even Bob, may come here??
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