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Default Re: An Important Note to Our Valued Commenters from Bob

Originally Posted by Unit View Post
If I had known I wouldn't have donated money a few weeks ago. There should be a law, a regulation, against soliciting money donations right before you're about to close shop down.
Oh, I thought there was full disclosure both that the comments/forum were switching to disqus and that the coming bhTV might not be what we've liked so much. In fact, Bob made it sound like there might be even fewer diavlogs and I wsan't sure there'd still be this forum at all. It was hardly a real plea for donations, let alone one filled with promises. I donated based on past enjoyment/loyalties and without any expectations going forward. Hope, sure, but nothing more. I really don't think claiming that Bob was misleading is fair. He was quite negative, really.

As far as this forum and our satisfaction going forward, I think it's worth talking about what -- given the comments on the diavlog being what many of us consider unsatisfactory -- could make it better.

I think I'd still enjoy this forum if we could use it for the kinds of real discussions that were sparked by the diavlogs but not directly responding to them, plus the misc topics that have always been here. It might be nice if diavlogs could be talked about here after a week or two, also, as the current set up means there's no point in commenting after several days, no one will read or respond.

(This is my sense of how all comments on blog posts and news articles, etc., work, and that's what our comments on the site now are.)

In addition to this, we'd need some way to let people on the main site know about this one.

I know I may be being too optimistic here, but other ideas of what might allow this part of the forum to remain somewhat vital?
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