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Default Re: An Important Note to Our Valued Commenters from Bob

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
Well, being a Sunday and being so cold outside, and with a topic that seemed to be poorly defended on one side, I decided to post quite a bit over there. I used every opportunity to make it clear that I hate disqus and that it limits possibilities. But I did want to participate, give it a try, contribute as a way of thanking for all the good talks that we were able to listen to and discuss in the past. Gratitude mostly. And also an honest attempt to see how much I could adapt.

I don't see it happening. During the week I won't be able to keep refreshing the page and scanning up and down to see new posts. And the narrowness of the columns is so unappealing! It fragments text and interrupts the flow of sentences and paragraphs. It stinks.
Agreed, but like Wonderment said, they don't care about that. They care that there are immediate comments and it looks intelligent (or at least like people are listening and not just trolling, intelligent is not really necessary but flattery).

The format is such that ongoing conversations about past diavlogs won't happen. The most recent one will get some feedback until the next one comes (or soon thereafter). With fewer diavlogs and the desire that all get comments, I strongly believe this is a benefit in the eyes of those who run the site. It also makes meaningful discussion unlikely to occur.
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