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Default Re: An Important Note to Our Valued Commenters from Bob

It's not a business error, ipso facto. But Bob's presumption is that intelligent comments directly below the video window will draw additional viewers. So I just question whether this is true. If there were some well-known commenter who was not using a pseudonym and who rushed to comment as soon as a diavlog was posted, OK, I can see that that is an attraction. I don't see how the comments of unknown posters, comments which may or may not be intelligent, are going to draw additional viewers. On the other hand, the existence of a dedicated commenting community assuredly leads to some marginal "buzz." I know that I have mentioned bhtv to anyone I thought might conceivably be interested. And I did link to bhtv on occasion in my limited travels on the Web.

I'm not expecting bhtv to spend money on a user forum that does not pay for itself. I do question the business logic of the "below the video window" fixation. The vbulletin forum just looks considerably more serious and obviously allows for more serious commentary than does Disqus. I can't see myself writing short essays in Disqus, as I often did under vbulletin. I will myself look for a viable and inexpensive independent alternative, but I am in transit for the next few weeks, I can't do it now.
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