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Default Re: An Important Note to Our Valued Commenters from Bob

Not to be contrary, look, but this approach is rather inelegant.

I have now posted in Disqus. It looks to me like the situation is as follows. Under vbulletin, there was the commenting world and the diavlog world. The two things were closely related but distinct, and they were related in a nonhierarchical way. Often the commenters thought that their discussions were more interesting than the diavlogs, and often they were. In the new dispensation, comments are clearly subordinate to the diavlogs and have no life independent of the diavlogs.

Bob, you are simply wrong to place so much importance upon the comments appearing below the video window. I can see why one might think that this was terribly important from the point of view of improving traffic to the site, but I think it's a business error. A better approach, in my view, would be simply to point users to the user forum, which would have an independent existence.

I recently had occasion to read a lot of user comments at the NYT site, comments that were provoked by Thomas Friedman's recent column about the Israel lobby. The comments were fine, indiscernibly different from those here. I think everything that has ever been said about US-Israel relations and about Israel's history was said in the comments. But the format of the comments at the NYT site is not conducive to creating a commenting community, and it does not need to be.

It's a mistake to conclude anything from what works for comments sections in print media or at other sites that are not presenting "televised" dialogues between two people. By "what works," I mean what works to increase demand for the underlying content. In any case, I don't see how there can be a commenting community in which there are actual social relations among commenters under Disqus as now implemented at bhtv, unless I am missing something. It is quite clear that there is a master-slave relationship between diavlog and comments in the new regime, and that simply cannot work in even the intermediate term.

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