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Default Re: An Important Note to Our Valued Commenters from Bob

I have a suggestion, namely that commenters here look into finding a new webhost that uses vbulletin and that is either free or not very costly, something that we could keep going for a modest subscription fee. This may not be possible, but I have been participating in a pro basketball forum for about fifteen years that has retained continuity under three different hosts, all of them free. The software we currently use is not nearly as good as vbulletin, however. It's crap.

Here is a specific suggestion. We might move to the Well, which is not free, but is not expensive either. I don't know if they use vbulletin. I was a member from about 1997-2002. But in any event, there is no reason that people who constitute a community for discussion should have to move backwards or dissolve. I have not looked at disqus, but I can tell from the list of users who have and who find it unserviceable that it will, in fact, be unserviceable.

There is something to be said for the therapeutic value of the fee.

On an unrelated note, I thought David Brooks's recent column about the vanishing liberal was quite good, I agree with it. This is the same line of thinking promulgated by Bob's pal, Robert Frank.

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