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Default Re: Values Added: The Whirligig of Time (Glenn Loury & Walter Russell Mead)

...And what is more, I just did a Google search on “Thomas Friedman Israel lobby.” The magazine to which you subscribe, Stephanie, the Norman Podhoretz rag, associates this Friedman column unambiguously with the anti-Semitism of Walt-Mearsheimer. It took exactly five seconds to show that you are wrong and I am right, that the Jewish hardliners, and their co-conspirator Mead, are looking for anti-Semites under every bed, just in the way that McCarthy looked for communists. It’s all too familiar, and it’s revolting and pathetic. These people are despicable. That Mead review, and the segment on bhtv about which we have been arguing, was just like McCarthy waving his secret list of communist sympathizers. Mead's review proceeded entirely by innuendo as regards the alleged anti-Semitism of Walt/Mearsheimer.

By alleging that the support of American politicians, from the Republican presidential candidates to the bipartisan coalition in Congress, has been “bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby,” he [sc. Thomas Friedman] has slid down the slippery slope from legitimate criticism of Israeli policies and the arguments of the state’s friends to a position indistinguishable from the anti-Semitic smears of Israel Lobby authors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer​.

...and more, from the same mealy-mouthed creep:

Israel is an imperfect society, but the idea that its imperfections should cause American Jews or Americans in general to back away from it are [sic, the creep forgot what the subject of his sentence was] without substance. More than that, it reflects an urge to judge it by a double standard that would not be applied to our own country or any other. Treating the one Jewish state in this manner is indistinguishable from any other variety of the prejudice that we rightly term anti-Semitic.
So it's OK to criticize Israel, just not "to back away from it." Israel is an imperfect democracy all right, one that has 2.5 million people kept under military siege. So it's OK to criticize and kibbutz, just not to change Israel's policies. "Unconditional support. No double standards." Fuck, fuck, fuck. Don't you see how insane this is, that Thomas Friedman is now a dangerous anti-Israel leftist who is a fellow-traveler with anti-Semites?

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