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Default Re: Values Added: The Whirligig of Time (Glenn Loury & Walter Russell Mead)

Yes, I'll grant that the Repubs are playing to the Christian Zionists. Fine. But I still think that if you take AIPAC and the rest of the hardline Jewish portion of the Israel lobby out of the equation, the Christian Zionists lose their cover, they are revealed as the lunatics that they are. There are districts where this loss of cover makes no difference, and there are districts where it does. I know that you think 9/11 gave more power to the Christian Zionists, I get that, and that seems likely, but I don't think it overrides my point. Let's put it this way. Christian Zionists were not at high levels in the Bush Administration (apart, perhaps, from The Decider himself), but Jewish neocons were. Obviously, there is this alliance between the hardline American Jews and the Christian Zionists, a marriage of convenience, and the power of this marriage of convenience was ascendant post 9/11, when Israel and the US shared, by hypothesis, an interest in combating Islamo-terrorism.

Thomas Friedman was not talking about the Israel lobby, pre-Walt/Mearsheimer, full stop. They put this issue on the map, they are the ones who are responsible for highlighting the distinction between US interests and Israel's interests. No one else. Certainly not Walter fucking Mead.

I'll tell this story again. I was recently in NYC. At about 38th Street near Chelsea Piers was a huge billboard showing Obama shaking hands with an Arab, and the caption was, "Obama, not a friend of Israel." That billboard, I'll wager, is not being funded by Christian Zionists, although it could be, nothing prevents it.

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