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Default Re: Riley Waggaman gets serious

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
There's a lot I don't agree with in it, but I still think "What Is ĎAmerica,í Anyway?" deserves a read.
"Donít be silly! Americaís young people emerged from their condos to celebrate Death. Too bad Leni Riefenstahl wasnít there with her Flip Cam." lol

But seriously, the author of that peice comes off sounding like an inflammatory idiot. From the comments:

"I'm actually in agreement with the point about withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan that you buried somewhere in that mammoth-sized wad of pink hippie slobber, but oh, if only you knew how many paragraphs of snark I forced myself to delete from this comment before posting. If this essay were entered into a competition for Most Libtardy Thing, it would win bronze and immediately cede its spot on the podium to the fourth-place entry because it came from an underprivileged background."

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