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Default Re: Canada Election Vlogging

Osama bin Laden is stuck on a track with an out of control trolley barreling towards him. You and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed just so happen to be on an overpass watching events occur on a CCTV, and could stop the trolley by dropping a heavy weight on the track. Do you push him over? is it an act of war or policing? how does the legal precedent of the Nuremberg trail affect your decision making?

That seems to capture the silly essence of the discussion, particularly from Glenn.

I'm fond of the analytical tradition in America but there are more important things to analyze than whether Hillary is human or just has spring allergies. Public interest in the Osama story has so far been driven by one part genuine news interest, ten parts voyeurism. As the days go by that ratio gets worse and worse.

And thanks to Twinsword and JonIrenicus for the good links.
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