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Default Re: Values Added: Euphoria in Cairo (Hisham Hellyer & Shadi Hamid)

Rush Limbaugh: So Harry Smith on CBS' Slay the Nation was talking to the Egyptian Google engineer, Wael Ghonim and they had this exchange about the anti-government protest and Obama. (laughs) So CNN and now CBS, asking all these people in Egypt, "What about Obama? Aren't you happy? Obama did it, right? Obama made it possible. Obama caused the revolution! Obama inspired you. Obama got you freedom. Obama's gonna get you a job, isn't that right?"

CBS HARRY SMITH: President Obama came out several times during the revolution; had things to say. Did it help?

Wael GHONIM: We don't really need him, and I don't think that... I wrote a tweet. I wrote, "Dear Western Governments: You have been supporting the regime that was oppressing us for 30 years. Please don't get involved now. We don't need you."
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