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Default Re: Turkey Day Edition (Corby Kummer & Katherine Mangu-Ward)

Originally Posted by ohreally View Post
Mangu-Ward's gushing over food science is callow. Does she know that people in poor neighborhoods have no access to fresh produce but only to processed crap?
Processed =/= crap.

The reason you consider it "crap" is precisely because its what poor people eat. Lower classes have tainted regular, processed foods for you by giving them the image as being for the lower classes, when in actuality, as the Twinkie experiment showed, eating processed food is not inherently bad for you. Processing and preserving simply lowers costs for consumers. Some people like fresh veggies for the taste, but otherwise, compared to processed, frozen veggies, they're no more nutritious. Conclusion? You're paying a premium to prove to people and yourself just how good of a neighborhood you must live in.

Also no one is barring people in poor neighborhoods from buying fresh produce anyway. Theres less fresh produce cause theres less demand. In the past food took up half of an individuals income; now its under 10%. There's no reason poorer folk couldn't afford the premium as well, if only it afforded them benefits in return. But it doesn't so they don't.

And that, as a result, they die years earlier than the well-fed folks at Reason Mag? Obesity, diabetes, heart ailments, the list goes on.
Where's your evidence for this? Are you sure this is a matter of diet type, and not a matter of life-style, quantity over quality, or access to things like advance medicine?

But isn't it cute we can keep cranberry jello for 5 years?
And what about antibiotics in poultry and fish, and hormones everywhere? Isn't that great?
These are two entirely different things. Do you really think the alternative is no antibiotics at all? Or do you accept that it would be better if this subject were a little less ideological.
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