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Default Re: Turkey Day Edition (Corby Kummer & Katherine Mangu-Ward)

The anti-foodscience hysteria is what you get when you mix scientific illiteracy with a burgeoning countercultural fad. Fortunately fads are cyclic, and in this case mostly on the margins. That is, many people talk the talk when it comes to natural foods (often with the word "chemical" in the pejorative) while few actually walk the walk. Judging by the way people spend their money, nearly everybody loves food science as much as Katherine does, Jamie Oliver notwithstanding. Relatedly, with naturopathic fads, it seemed to peak with a mainstream cynicism of the medical establishment but with very little behavioral changes in what medicine people were willing to accept. The flu shot line still stretched around the block, despite anti-vaxers, and the same is true with the line up at McDonalds.

The myth of the non-decaying Big Mac.

Organic and so-called "natural" foods will become mainstream to the point where its no longer cool. This is approximately what happened with bottled water, and for similar reasons. Tap water was perceived as tampered with, fluoridated and scientifically monitored. The tide only began to turn when bottled water became a staple and thus an obvious fixture of the mass produced corporatocracy.

In Europe, where organics originated, this is already happening. GMO fear is still high in Europe and while many countries banned GMO crops from being cultivated, it seems to have plateaued. After significant delay Britain has successfully completed GMO trials and their future food policy is going to be anything but organic. And the EU and European commission continue to approve new crops. Furthermore, the naturopathic fad that accompanied organics in Europe is falling out of fashion fast. Homeopathy, for instance, has become something to satirize. Pseudo nutritional advice will increasingly become scrutinize and a subject of derision too. This is what my money is on and I give it at least a decade to fully turn around in western Europe, and probably a generation in the US because there the fad is still peaking.
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