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Default Re: Bomb Iran? (Flynt Leverett & Reuel Gerecht)

Kagan, Kristol, and now Gerecht. Why are all the people here in favour of bombing Iran also fatheaded bullies? I feel like they're the exact same people I would have hated and mocked in highschool.

Flynt makes the rational case very well and accurately. You get a sense of intellectual honesty from Flynt that you don't from Gerecht (perhaps because, as has been mentioned, Flynt is an academic and Gerecht is rugged freedom warrior).

There's a knowledge problem here, on the matter of "what are the outcomes of an airstrike" wherein the knowledge we have does not merit Gerecht conclusion - and if it does, no where near his level of confidence - such that Gerecht either a) has an ulterior, ideological motive b) knows something we don't c) simply doesn't understand how to evaluate evidence. I believe it's a combination of a) and c).

I oppose an airstrike for two simple reasons: I believe Iran's nuclear program is for energy and defence, not aggression; and supposing we did bomb Iran, the geo-political domino effect that would cause is not just unknown, but unknowable. People who think its a good idea to do a strike are effectively asking us to jump into a dark unknown. That's irresponsible.
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