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Default Re: What are the philosophical merits of libertarianism? (jimM47 & hamandcheese)

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
I agree with your overall point wholeheartedly, but I'd be a bit more careful with language here. In an ideal state, as designed by you, myself, or most other Liberals, this is true, but most states as they actually exist do exert coercive power on more than just the margins, not to mention unfree states that coerce on far more than the margins of society.
Actually I would argue that even comparatively repressive regimes are only coercive by a casual chain. That is, their populations self-regulate and self-censor because of fear with very little direct coercion exerted on them.

In this sense even state coercion is, for the majority, a type of social or cultural coercion. Bare in mind that I'm not using this to justify state coercion, but to scold the libertarians who fall for the idea that only direct coercion counts. Pulling in the chain is a must.
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