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Default Re: Science Saturday: Sex, Pleasure, and God (Jesse Bering & Neil Sinhababu)

Originally Posted by listener View Post
Thanks, Neil, for your comments, clarifications and openness to criticism.

Your reply really cleared up the walking baby comment for me, however I still think its a non-sequitur. Any aspect of human psychology that comes hardwired is either there for an adaptive purpose or is white noise. The criterion of its adaptiveness is thus not only a good criterion, but perhaps the only, or at least root criterion.

The reason a walking new born is not logical is because a walking new born is not particularly well adapted to its environment. Its being born into an environment of care and nurturing where immediate mobility is nearly insignificant. The truth in this should be obvious if only for the fact that walking babies didn't evolve in humans. If it was a good adaptation it would have evolved.
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