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Default Re: Worldwise: Elections in Egypt (Robert Wright & Shadi Hamid)

Originally Posted by Globalcop View Post
Looks like Bob isn't really having any trouble teaching people how to use a webcam and mic. So why did he say that was the reason that he's turning this into the Bob Network?
Too embarrassing to just say that he wants his voice to dominate?
Though Bob briefly mentioned the practical considerations behind the collective decision reached about the future of BhTV, I still don't understand the specific reasons for why a lack of funding should prevent most of the regular contributors from continuing to do exactly what they've done - without financial compensation - for some time now. Having been a huge fan of the site since about a month after the first diavlog went up, I'm curious to know more about it.

But your theory about Bob's nefarious intentions is just nuts:
As he wasn't aiming for a comprehensive explanation, the supposed tenuousness of the "some people have trouble working the mic & camera" point is not the smoking gun you seem to think it is. No one ever claimed that that's the sole or even primary reason things have to change.
More importantly, he's run the site from the beginning; if he wanted to feature more of himself, he could have done so at any time. He could have reduced the number of outside participants simply by not bending over backwards to get folks to create content for free for his site. Why would he cook up a scheme involving practical constraints, finances & investors, and a big announcement in a diavlog, when he already had the power to change the content without a big show? Why would he use this announcement to invite all the participants to continue producing content, when his real motive is to get rid of them?

...why am I attempting to reason with a loon? Two cheers for insomnia.

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