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Default Re: Worldwise: The Struggle for Syria (Robert Wright & Michael Young)

Originally Posted by Flaw View Post
Did no one watch this?
I did, thought it was pretty good, maybe no one disagreed. I liked that Young pushed back on Bob a bit and was glad he was not to the left of him in all things, especially in the theme that keeps coming up in many of Bobs talks - the popularity of the US and how it is viewed in the muslim world.

key takeaways from me, there are times when no matter what you do you will step on someones toes and sensibilities, so if you are going to have someone dislike you no matter what you do, why not do what you think is right?

Now for some, what is right is heavily tied into how the US is perceived. For my part I have alot less tolerance for that kind of idea. Once you start getting into the realm of kowtowing to the beliefs and wants of crazy/ruthless people, like truthers or birthers or fundamentalist butchers.. I just have alot less concern about upsetting them. That way is too value neutral for me. So I was glad to see someone push back against that a bit.
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