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Default Re: Even Further Beyond the Hart-Dworkin Debate

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...only for a certain type of liberal academic who cannot make up his mind about anything...

Oh my God, you have me found me out, though I am no academic.

Let me try, with a few better moments at hand, to work through what you said, including "wertfrei" and "tutti quanti", about which I have a call in to Sarah Palin or anyone else comprising the Republican base, and see what response I can fashion using only English words.

Adios for now mon ami,

Itzik Basman
Say hello to Sarah for me and thank her for the Obama victory. I doubt, however, that she can help you with your English.

I did not mean to cast aspersions on the "liberal" of liberal academic.

Wertfrei= value-free
tutti quanti= and all those (of that kind)
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