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Default Re: What should we disqus here?

Just for clarity and because I've been part of this discussion before.

I think I've understood your argument from the beginning: Ron Paul serves the function of seeding his anti-war message within the ranks of the Republican Party. He validates this kind of argument and makes this kind of discussion possible in a group which otherwise would completely dismiss the possibility.

However, I still disagree about how valuable this is in the context of the totality of Paul's ideas, and who are the people receptive to his message. IMO, the vast majority of the Republican Party will ignore or reluctantly endure his anti-war message, because the only part that resonates with them is the rest, the part that we don't like, and as a matter of fact, abhor.

The second area of disagreement has been about the level of enthusiasm and almost fanaticism of some of your statements in support of Ron Paul. Plainly annoying for those of us who look at the rest of his proposed policies and underlying political philosophy which in great part contradicts some of the most fundamental liberal principles.

Lastly, you say:

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
What does Romney do with Paul? If he alienates him, Paul could run as an independent and probably hand the election to Obama. But what can Romney offer Paul to win his support? Certainly nothing tangible, like a cabinet position.
Cabinet position? Hell, no! He'll close the cabinet down and will go home happy with a smaller government.

Now if you put him in charge of the Department of Defense...
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