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Default Re: What should we disqus here?

I think I'm starting to better understand your POV on Paul -- the idea that he could be making converts to his foreign policy and drug war ideas -- but I suspect that topic's been done to death.
Well, that's encouraging.

I think Paul has run a brilliant campaign so far. He stays on message no matter what, and he's got the Republican establishment right where he wants them. They would love to reduce him to a laughingstock, as the Dem. establishment did with Dennis Kucinich, but it's not working.

What does Romney do with Paul? If he alienates him, Paul could run as an independent and probably hand the election to Obama. But what can Romney offer Paul to win his support? Certainly nothing tangible, like a cabinet position. But Romney can be nudged to tone down the interventionist rhetoric and defense hawkery. If the Paulist/Libertarian/non-interventionist contingent in Congress can grow, the facts on the ground will be not just rhetorical but empowering for those of us who support a different foreign policy vision.
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