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Default Re: What should we disqus here?

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
It's basically left like the old Life, the Universe, and Everything section mostly. But we can still have the kinds of discussions that have traditionally gone here. I suspect we could also spin off discussions that stem from the diavlogs but go beyond direct response to the diavloggers -- the discussion on "evil," for example.

I'm not sure about that last, nor am I dying to continue that discussion. Just an example.

The problem with talking here, of course, is that it's going to be a limited number of participants, as the diavlogs will no longer cause people to discover us. Thus, whether or not Bob pulls the plug, I suspect it's short-lived.

That said, what do you want to talk about?

I think I'm starting to better understand your POV on Paul -- the idea that he could be making converts to his foreign policy and drug war ideas -- but I suspect that topic's been done to death.
We could work it backward and invite people we know from other sites...and that could feed to Disqus. Not terribly feasible, I know.
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