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Default Re: Science Saturday: Sexist Skeptics (Ann Althouse & Rebecca Watson)

Originally Posted by ledocs View Post
No, no. Liberals have a low emotional IQ. Great insight. I'm going to ponder that one and change my behavior, but not just my behavior, my entire world-view, my personality, everything. After I finish reading "Cosmopolis" by Stephen Toulmin, I will turn to "What Is Your Emotional IQ?" I had noticed that people who write from the Right on this site tend to be more emotionally balanced and more empathetic than those on the Left, so that's a phenomenon the causes of which I will need to understand better. Your own posts, for example, betray a depth of empathy and psychological insight almost never seen anywhere, especially not among Liberals. And what can I say about all the people I have filtered, all highly sensitive souls, really great people? Hard to believe that so much intellect could be combined with so much emotional intelligence, and all in one convenient virtual location.
I see I was not clear in my meaning. I meant some of the liberals here, such as yourself, who often shortcut to disparagement and name-calling when you don't like arguments offered. An intellectual you may be, but you are a lazy one.
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