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Default Re: Science Saturday: Sexist Skeptics (Ann Althouse & Rebecca Watson)

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
Let's be clear about what's what. Whatfur and kidneystones were ostracized because they were assholes, not because they were "conservatives." kidley was a KOS kid before he arrived here, if anyone remembers.
I am not talking about W and k. They stand or fall on their own merits.
kang doesn't get crap for being right-wing (he's obviously not.) He gets it in response to his incredible displays of risible self-righteousness and his amusing inability to deal with it with anything resembling grace.
I like sk; he seems to be a straight shooter. What you think of him is between you and him.
Look at how well rcocean deals, if you want to see an easy contrast.
I don't see the point in comparisons.
Ideological vendettas are far rarer than personal ones here, and a whole lot less interesting to boot.

The point of my post was that for too long it was way too personal here. Many espousing rightwing views were viewed as morally defective. Recently, things have taken a drastic turn and we are talking to each other in a much more civilized manner.
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