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Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post
Here's the thing. Some anger is good for the political process. However, there are plenty of websites out there that cater to anger. Bloggingheads, AFAIK, has not made it its mission to make people angry. That's one of the reasons I spend so much time here. I come to understand things, not to be mad at people. Most of the "crazy" right wingers on here have been really polite. Even DenvilleSteve has been pretty damn nice and I can tell he's insane. Liberals, save for a few, have been total assholes.

There isn't much to figure out if a person makes an honest effort to understand the basics of right wing ideology. And I don't mean the bible. For me, the journey started here. I even remember posting about it on this board several years ago. And I even remember bjkeefe telling me that Jonathan Haidt was annoying.

If bjkeefe is/was the ring leader, then how fair and balanced do you think the liberals are on this board?
Not very. I mean Brendan is lovable, and a sympathetic tool, but there are limits (And, no, Brendan, I still did not buy that we are not friends the other day.)

Here's the thing about Haidt: I have been thinking that liberals have low emotional IQs. They're supposed to be sooo nice, yet treat us conservatives like we are the spawn of Satan.
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