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Default Re: What Can You Prove? (David Corn & Jim Pinkerton)

Originally Posted by operative View Post
The "Constitutional scholar" who has not a single legal writing to his name, who managed to find work as an adjunct lecturer despite an utter lack of actual scholarly erudition or real world success.

The grandson of a successful entrepreneur and bank manager, whose mother was a radical leftist academic, who attended privileged prep schools before landing a spot at a mediocre leftist west coast school and transferring to an east coast one.

Oh, and one who has utterly failed to navigate said disaster which was worsened by ideologically-driven anti-business policies.

Your delusions are manifold. And it figures that someone as ignorant as you appear to be have little more to offer than to call people rather ugly names when they state the truth about your incompetent leader.
Damn, but that's a lot of resentment. How long have you this feeling that people with whom you disagree are deluded?
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