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Default Re: What Can You Prove? (David Corn & Jim Pinkerton)

Originally Posted by operative View Post
Noting that a president who has remain largely disengaged from the legislating process while taking significant vacation time and concentrating more on the celebrity end of politics (appearances on the View etc.), and who has never had to struggle in his, yes, privileged and charmed life, might just be a little bit lazy is ugly as the truth is ugly.

Our best presidents had to struggle in their lives. Our worst presidents (Buchanan, Pierce, Harding) did not. Obama is one of the latter.
You haven't convinced me. The Ivy erducated Constitutional scholar, son of a mixed marriage and an absent father who became the first non-white President of this land "never had to struggle" in his "lazy," "charmed," and "privileged" life. And two years into his first term while he has apparently successfully (so far) negotiated the second worst economic crisis in our history, you've pronounced among the worst Presidents we've ever had. That's a pretty venomous fantasy, especially considering its freedom from anything like a factual basis.

And, it looks racist to more than just me.
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