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Default Re: What Can You Prove? (David Corn & Jim Pinkerton)

Originally Posted by operative View Post
I think that my point about him being a moron was perfectly elucidated.
To have been lucid, it would have required a basis. So far all you've done so far is assert the case. I'm asserting that graz' feelings didn't pop up in vacuum. I'm at least the third person to take note of how ugly (if veiled somewhat) the following was:

Originally Posted by operative View Post
China's stimulus was also much better targeted and not bloated with pork. Obama should have designed the stimulus himself, made it pork-free, and had someone introduce it. Instead he punted, like he always does, and left Pelosi and Reid to do the heavy lifting. That left a bill that was bloated with pork and ineffective. If Obama was a bit less lazy and obsessed with vacationing and the celebrity lifestyle that his post affords, and actually worked hard for the first time in his privileged life, maybe we would be in a different spot.
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