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Default Re: martyrs, martyrs, ... MARTYRS!!

Originally Posted by whburgess View Post
In my opinion, The Wire is the best television series ever. From beginning to end.
I'm amazed at the amount of people who say that about shows like The Wire, Deadwood, Twin Peaks, even Carnivale. I'd use that term for something like I, Claudius or The Prisoner. The Wire struck me as Aaron Sorkin meets Michael Eric Dyson on steroids. I can't remember where but the best description of The Wire I heard was 'liberal porn'. Even taken at that level I still can't enjoy it as a guilty pleasure, it's just too obvious and to me obvious is the worst thing you can commit in drama.

Funny though that someone should say that it only got good in the third season. That's almost the exact opposite of how I feel about The Sopranos, where an original, entertaining and topical show became consumed with its own importance and sputtered to a halt in season five.
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