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Default Re: martyrs, martyrs, ... MARTYRS!!

Originally Posted by miceelf View Post
Sorry, that was my attempt to show off the fact taht I still know people who are young and cool, even though I am no longer one of those people.

The CW is a television station that caters to teens, primarily, it seems, and features such shows as The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, and America's Next Top Model.
Yikes no thanks - I'm not much of a TV watcher except for news, history, science (and sports!). I don't think I've watched a TV weekly drama regularly since The Sopranos (I tried Deadwood and The Wire but where I was promised excellence I found profound mediocrity) or a comedy since The Larry Sanders Show (I tried Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage, blech)

EDIT - forgot South park, love South Park.

And the now long-term trend of reality shows does nothing but make me lose hope for my fellow man, although the idea of having Bob Wright listen to Ezra Klein, David Corn, M Yglesias, Sarah Posner, Ana Marie Cox, Bill Scher and Tim Fernholz make their cases and then decide which ones deserve a BhTV rose might work.

Originally Posted by miceelf View Post
Finally, it's such an odd misspelling of my name, I have to ask- why?
Not "why? but 'Y'. A simple one-letter misspelling, maybe something to do with the word 'myself'. My bad and I'll try not to repeat.
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