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Originally Posted by SJH71
Around 45:00 Tim starts switching his argument every time he opens his mouth. Megan refutes one statement, he instantly forgets what he was saying and moves onto a different argument, which she then refutes, and again he acts as though he had not said what he just said. This was not an equal match.
It's his normal pattern and I'm starting to like it (as I stated above) because it showcases a larger truth. It's right up there with the Ezra Klein tactic of being totally refuted and countering with his variation on 'that's what I was just saying' and changing subjects.

Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Do you ever do anything that's not just, you know, asserting victory? What could compel someone to do virtually nothing but this hundred(s) of times over the course of years is beyond me. It's not interesting. It's not conductive to learning something. It's not even conductive of sharpening one's rhetorical skills.

You're like a kid at a basketball court who is always bragging but never joins any of the games.
Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
That post wasn't suppose to be a reply to anyone. It was accidental that it turned out being a reply to you. My response was to the diavlog as a whole.
I was going to write a reply but the second post was so extrordinarily weird (esp after the title of the first post) that I think they make a nice matching set and I will let them speak for themselves.

Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Cause you know, pointless invective and hollow claims of "victory victory" are really indicative of just being a busy busy person.
One request: please wait for me to actually write "victory victory" before you claim I said it. I have to add that if I thought someone was really doing what you accuse me of the last thing I would be interested in doing would be responding to them. The fact that you were so interested in what I said that you delayed answering Sulla's very thoughtful post speaks volumes.

Originally Posted by badhatharry
I think it's interesting. But you know me! Besides, it just may be that harkin actually has a life.
I do have a life and BhTV is one of the sites where I try to check in at least once a day (when I'm somewhere I can access the net) to see what's being discussed and toss in my two cents if I feel the need. I said long ago that my comments were not for the Clique, they showed long ago they were not interested in sticking to a point where their arguments failed. Look at the response to Apple's recent criticism of Muslims taking underage brides, he was immediately accused of being a closet pedophile. No need to explore reality when you can hurl ad hominem.

I write what I write for the lurkers here so they can at least hear an alternative point of view which hopefully will break through the cw (conventional wisdom) cocoon that most are subjected to from the msm (and message boards stacked with liberals).

Remember a couple years ago when the cw was that the Tea Party was a flash-in-the-pan group of angry, racist know-nothings whose only mission was to keep America white and destroy the first black president? The 2010 elections and the debt ceiling talks (along with Obama's dismal performance and facts about public union salaries/benefits coming to light) helped expose the lie.

How about the Wisconsin protests against Scott Walker and the cw that corporate tool fascists were attempting an assault on the civil rights of union members? The unions were so exposed for their selfish thuggery that they hardly mentioned collective bargaining in their later unsuccessful recall drives. The facts are winning out (and oh yeah btw teacher's jobs are being saved and school districts are looking at balanced budgets). The people who claim the mantle of truthiness have been exposed as the weasels in the woodpile.

How about Obama's stimulus and his drive for green jobs where the cw was that Keynesian infusion of borrowed money to foster overpriced non-productive labor was just what the economy needed? That's now been exposed as taxpayer money being used to shore up public unions through the 2010 elections and paying off favors to political cronies. Obama's green jobs plan has failed so miserably that even the Huffington Post is criticizing it.

Part of that cw destruction was people like me making independent thinkers consider reality.

I'm not shouting 'victory', but those small gains against an entrenched statist machine are nothing to sniff at. What they are also are learning opportunities for anyone willing to absorb what was written and not just react with hate.

Originally Posted by badhatharry
BTW, were you on 395 last week?
Only the few miles from the intersection of 270 (we came from Bodie/Aurora/Flying M Ranch via dirt roads) and then again from Topaz Lake to Hwy 89. All the rest was glorious dirt (and water in the Sweetwater Range) much fun. Hoping to get back out there before the snow flies.
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