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Originally Posted by Hume's Bastard View Post
If there is a hell, I think it begins with the sound of an American conservative's voice, like Soltis'. There is nothing more insipid than a college freshman discussion of God's existence. True, Hitchens' and fellow atheists' views were already crippled when Hume wrote Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. But, Hitchens did us a favor by dispatching Mother Theresa or the Catholic hierarchy. The meta issue is just tedious. "Does religion do harm?" is a live question. Americans can understand this: what is the cash value of believing in God?

And, I keep hearing and reading, that "Hitchens was a great stylist, but..." No but's. The main drank and smoked himself to a self-professed goal. He wasn't a clock-puncher.

I think Hitch is in hell now. He failed to sway his peers to do better.
Hitch good, Hitch bad, Hitch good, Mother Theresa the spawn of Satan, Hitch in hell (according to Balt's Sunday school interpretation of the Divine). You have a fascinating mind.
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