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Default Re: START and Stop

Originally Posted by piscivorous View Post
I mean we just left out the next generation of weapons that will be of significance and the is the boost and glide hypersonic weapons. We specifically requested that these soon to be deplorable weapons weapons were not in the mix.

This whole arms control sham is like the smoke and thunder of the Wizard of OZ.
I think you're alluding to another aspect of this debate that's a bit disconcerting but still relevant. Another reason to rid ourselves of these fossil weapons is their budget-busting potential. Sure, both sides want to retard the other side's ability to do harm and increase its own ability to produce worse weaponry. That's another debate. The fact is, that nukes are yesterday's news, frustrate any debate about the good uses of nuclear energy, and, if for no other reason than making tax-payers happy, we need to get them off the books.
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